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    bicpopAfter multiple warnings on illegal pushbacks of refugees, police forces continue with this violent and unlawful practice. This week an underaged boy was almost pushed back from Croatia after his asylum request was ignored. The underaged boy entered Croatia with a document belonging to another person, which is a common thing since most refugees do not possess, and are unable to get, their personal documents from their countries of origin. Those countries of origin persecute these refugees and severely violate their human rights, Are You Serious warns after obstructing deportation of the child. The boy has finally claimed asylum and has been waiting for his procedure to start off.

    The Welcome and GOOD Initiative have, just at the beginning of the new school year, expressed their concern on downfalls of the educational system failing in fair inclusion of refugee children into schools. We have forewarned that many children asylum seekers, who are staying at two reception centers in Kutina and Zagreb, were included into a schooling process only after months of waiting, despite the 30 day norm legally prescribed. More, many of them have no textbooks or are not able to attend preparatory language and other subject courses. Those children asylum seekers or those in an irregular status who live in youth care facilities will not get enrolled into schools this fall either. These children have no attention and are systemically marginalized.

    Court of Justice of the EU has dismissed Hungarian and Slovakian case against taking refugees. The Court has entirely dismissed requests of these two countries against the provisional mechanisms for the mandatory relocation of asylum seekers. They claimed ‘quotas’ mechanism for relocation and resettlement were illegal. According to the ‘quota decision’, EU members states were to relocate 120.000 refugees from Italy and Greece, bearing in mind that their asylum policies have been collapsing due to number of refugees seeking for help, disproportionately in comparison to other member states. All that is, for most parts, a consequence of hypocritical EU policies whose mechanisms such as Dublin regulation place enormous pressures against peripheral states of the Fortress Europe. Hungary, Slovakia and their allies, have gone obviously too far by uncompromising rejection to solidarity with Greece and Italy. They have even tried to push through the ‘agenda of illegality’ and push out solidarity action agenda from the EU’s general agenda. Court of Justice, however, reminded Hungary and Slovakia of fundamental agreements of the EU which allow the Council, based on the Commission’s proposal, to adopt provisional measures for the benefit of the Member State concerned “in the event of one or more Member States being confronted by an emergency situation characterized by a sudden inflow of nationals of third countries”. One of those measures, according to the Court, is relocation and resettlement quota decision. Yet, only 25% of the quota decision has come to the realization and the Court offers an explanation that takes into consideration multiple factors that were not foreseen by the Council due to objective reasons. One of those factors is a lack of cooperation of some Member States.

    BicPop (Bike Repair Workshop) of the Friends of the Earth Croatia continues to collect bikes, repair them and donate to the refugees. Should you have a bike collecting dust and you wish to bring a smile to someone’s face, message BicPop. Thanks to all who donated so far; 50 biked were already given this way.

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