• Temporary Protection in focus of one of the EU Member States

    The Friends of the Earth Croatia have donated 38 bikes to refugees from the beginning of the year. Those bikes were previously donated by citizens, refurbished and made ready to use. Volunteers of Biciklopopravljaona (English: Bike Repair Workshop) gave them to the right hands by using renewable resources. Last week three bikes were donated, and Hassan (6) learned how to cycle being supported by volunteers. If you wish to donate a bike or parts of bike that could be used, you can easily do so every Thursday between 5 and 8 pm in the premises of The Friends of the Earth Croatia (Frankopanska 1, Zagreb).


    200 000 thousands visas for temporary stay of refugees arriving to Italian coast are under review of the Italian government. Purpose of those visas is enabling refugees free movement in other European countries. This measure is based in activation of the Temporary Protection Directive 2001/55. Temporary protection is usually activated and implemented when standard international protection granting procedure is failing due to number of refugees and their requests. Activation of this measure also avoids increasing number of negative decisions to international protection requests. Temporary protection measure was established after European countries had experienced mass refugee flows due to wars in ex Yugoslavia during 1990-s. Despite that, temporary protection measure was never activated during transit through so called Balkan Route in 2015 and 2016.

    Although Italy won’t likely receive necessary support for legal issuance of humanitarian visas, it is still immensely important to acknowledge this as a political message of Italian government. That message says that practical support of Germany and France is still missing. Those two countries were supposed to receive larger number of refugees coming through Libyan route. Yet, Italy is hardly coping with growing number of those in need. 

    Centre for Peace Studies had advocated for activation of the temporary protection measure during movements of refugees along the Balkan Route. For those who can read Croatian and other similar languages, we are sharing link to the Report on Racism and Xenophobia for 2015 (Izvještaj o rasizmu i ksenofobiji u Hrvatskoj za 2015. godinu.). 

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