• Refugees Quickly Pass Through Slavonski Brod

    Yesterday was all about the transit at Slavonski Brod transit centre. Over 3,100 refugees passed through the camp.  Volunteers of the Initiative “Welcome” are still providing humanitarian assistance and help out with the donations and their distribution. Since there is a constant thick fog and the temperatures are low, there is never enough of warm clothes and shoes.
    Even though we must commend the automatism and efficiency of the transit centre, it is hard not to notice that the only priority is to put those people on the train. However, we cannot help but wonder what happens to the refugees who have not slept for days? Did they receive the adequate medical assistance or they will be taken care of in Slovenia?
    The atmosphere in the camp is as if it is a railway station, but in that little time they have with the refugees our volunteers always try to ask the people how they are doing and whether they need something.
    People who have been waiting to cross over the Greek-Macedonian border, in Idomena are now placed in the camp in Athens, but the situation in the camp is tense and it is not clear what will happen with these people.
    People have been more and more dissatisfied with the wire on the Slovenia-Croatian border. The inhabitants living around the border crossing Rupa and Pasjak decided to say no to the wire and scissors. 
    There will be a proposition to give more power to the European Commission and allow it to send its forces to the member states without them being invited and to defend the joint European borders. In other words, the European Commission wants to extend its jurisdiction in a way that allows it to deploy new forces of the Agency for the European borders and the coast guard to one of the member state without receiving the official invitation first.  Currently, they need to have the consent of the member state. This would mean that Frontex would become stronger with 6 times bigger number of employees.

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