• Germany Announces A Shift in its Treatment of Refugees: No more solidarity!

    In Slavonski Brod Transit centre the situation is pretty calm. 4,174 refugees arrived to the camp yesterday by 9pm.  There was a train delay early morning due to technical reasons, so people have been temporarily placed into the sector for about 3 hours. The volunteers entertained the children singing songs, dancing, juggling and organising a mini soccer game. Two more trains have arrived during the day and volunteers distributed clothes, shoes and tea.
    Chancellor Angela Merkel said on Sunday she wanted to “drastically decrease” the number of refugees coming to Germany, signaling a compromise to critics of her open-door policy from within her conservatives on the eve of a party congress.
    Merkel has resisted pressure from allies within her Christian Democratic Union (CDU) to put a cap on the number of refugees entering Germany, which is expected to top 1 million this year.

     While over half a million of people passed through Croatia looking for security, some neighbouring countries are building wires and walls. This weekend a number of local wine manufacturers, hunters, alpinists and inhabitants, who have been living close to the area where Slovenia has built the disgraceful fence, have organised a series of symbolic activities to protest against the walls.  We fully support them in their activities — we stand against divisions and wires, it is time for solidarity!

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