• The Only Hope for the Teacher From Syria: Go to Europe and Re-build His Life

    Tovarnik, 20. rujna - photo - Tea Vidović, CMS 1

    Initiative “Welcome” volunteers are still providing assistance to refugees who come to the camp.  According to the reports, from midnight to 6pm, around 3,000 refugees came to the camp; out of which around 1,100 refugees came during the night, around 1,000 in the morning and 1,040 refugees came in the afternoon. They do not stay long at the camp where they receive basic humanitarian support.

    MUP announced yesterday that all the road construction works should finish by 10 December when the train should again transfer the refugees directly to the camp.  Furthermore, a Christmas tree has been set up at the camp and it will be decorated by the volunteers working at the camp.

    The celebration of the International Volunteers Day has been moved from 10 am on 5 December to 3 pm (the same day) after MUP asked the organisers to change the time so that more of its employees could participate in the celebration.

    As of next week all the issued accreditations necessary to enter the camp will be annulled and all the volunteers working in the camp will get new accreditations.

    Our volunteers met yesterday a teacher from Syria at the camp who very openly talked about his life and how he lost everything in Syria — including his job and his house and explained that his only hope was to go to Europe and re-build his life from the scratch and become a teacher there. 

    Frontex announced today that it would assist Greece in the registration of people located at its borders with Macedonia.  Fronted demands stricter control of the borders and more powers.  However, it is concerned with the fact that more and more countries have decided to put up fences and walls within Schenghen in order to stop the influx of refugees. EU Council President Donalt Tusk is also asking for stricter controls and longer surveillance of refugees who enter the EU. According to The Guardian, Tusk said that today it is way too easy to enter Europe.

    On Wednesday, Europol announced that it cracked the organised crime group that was smuggling migrants into EU and it arrested 23 people in Greece, Austria, Sweden and Great Britain.  It is believed that the group transferred hundreds of people a day since 2013 and earned around 10 million euros. They mostly transferred Syrian refugees from Turkey to Greece and other member states via the so-called Balkan route. The leader of the group was arrested in Liverpool.

    Italian navy and coats guard reported that more than 1,500 migrants were saved on Thursday morning close to Libyan coast after there was a decrease in the number of people trying to cross the Mediterranean.

    The situation at the Greek-Macedonian border is pretty bad. After yesterday’s incident with the police, one person died on the rail tracks (the case is being investigated in order to determine whether it was an accident or a suicide). The refugees are still protesting against the decision to let only people from Syria, Afghanistan and Iraq to continue their journey. However, because of the hectic current situation, the border has been closed for everybody and depending on the situation, it will be re-opened. There are no international organisations in Idomena, but only individual volunteers. You can also help by joining the Are You Syrious group tomorrow in Ilica 384 from 10 am to 2 pm in sorting out the donations which will be sent to Greece. Please find more details on their Facebook page. 


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