• Report from the Field: 886.662 people came to Europe this year

    The number of refugees coming to Croatia is still falling. From midnight to 9pm, 985 refugees entered Croatia while there were 26 people at Slavonski Brod transit centre. From the beginning of the crisis, 459 783 people entered Croatia. It is still expected the refugees will be coming from Serbia
    There were 61 medical interventions yesterday in Slavonski Brod and Croatian Red Cross (HKC) had 4 cases of family reunification. DUZS, MORH and others work on the improvement of the camp’s logistic conditions such as putting up new tents and etc.
    According to the UNHCR, around 140,000 migrants arrived in November to Europe using the maritime paths which is a third less that October when 220,535 migrants crossed the Mediterranean. UNHCR’s Spokesperson William Spindler said that the reason for the fall in the number of refugees are the weather conditions, but also stricter regime at the Turkish border. This is actually a measurement directed against human traffickers. Hitherto, 886,662 entered Europe which is four times more than in 2014. Half of the people who came to Europe are Syrians who were fleeing war in their country. Most of the refugees came to Europe via Mediterranean Sea. 

    The action plan adopted on Sunday during the EU – Turkey summit is planning to slow down and limit the flow if refugees. This plan also foresees the financial assistance to Turkey in the amount of 3 billion euros which will be used for 2,2 million Syrian refugees. According to local media, Turkey found 1,300 refugees at the sea tried to reach the Greek coast. 

    Macedonia built the fence at its border crossing in Gevgelija in order to prevent the illegal crossings. The members of the Macedonian military built 2 and a half meters high metal fence that is 3km long. Macedonian officials did not want to exclude the option of building the same type of fence at other border crossings with Greece. Furthermore, only people from Syria, Afghanistan and Iraq are allowed to continue their journeys while others are still being disgracefully denied from entering Macedonia.


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