• Initiative “Welcome” Report: Appeal for Help from Idomena


    Since 8 am yesterday, 3,921 people entered Croatia and 3,915 left the country. Health ministry examined 24 refugees.

    We assume that over 2,000 people entered the camp during the day. According to our volunteers, the day was calm.  The urgent transit procedure continues and people are not entering the sectors anymore.

    Right next to the white tent, on the path leading refugees to their buses, the state department for the protection and rescue (DUZS) set up a tent for UNICEF, Magna and Save the Children where they provide medical assistance to children, but also provide their parents with diapers, milk and other necessities for children. There is also Caritas tent offering tea to refugees. These tents function very well. The humanitarian organisation IHA that hitherto specialised in clothes distribution, was given the permission to distribute clothes in the white tent. Our volunteers together with the HSUST coordinate the distribution with the IHA and organise shifts in order to expedite the distribution.

    Idomen activists located at Greek-Macedonian border crossing issued an appeal for help. They need tents, rain coats, shoes, sleeping bags, blankets, chairs, cameras, but also new volunteers willing to help refugees. We would like to remind that refugees have been disgracefully and massively declined to cross Greek-Macedonian border and the decision whether they will be able to cross the border or not is based strictly on their ethnical and national grounds.  In other words only refugees coming from Syria, Afghanistan and Iraq are permitted to continue their journey while others are being declined and are desperately asking to be allowed to cross the border. The European fort has been for days violating basic international conventions and human rights and is seriously jeopardising the security of these people.

    Volunteers who have already assisted in the refugee camps in Calais and Dunkirk are asking for support. They initiated the crowdfunding campaign which goal is to gather purchased food and other ingredients for refugees in the above mentioned camps. If you can, please give your contribution at https://www.gofundme.com/calaisanddunkirk

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